The World Siberian Picnical Biennale and the Gallery present the international photo project pinhole of the photo "OBSCURA".
At the exhibition "OBSCURA" 40 photographs made by 20 authors from such countries as France, Russia, Italy, the United States of America, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Spain, Sweden are presented. All works are united by the fact that they are made by pinhole cameras - many of which are made by the authors themselves.
Pinhole camera, pinhole camera, stenop or just pinhole is a photographic camera without lenses, where a small hole is used as a lens. The earliest mention of the pinhole principle is found in the "Problems" attributed to Aristotle (circa 350 BC) - a kind of catalog of unresolved issues at that time.
Pinhole photography became popular in the 90s of the XIX century. In Europe, the United States and Japan cameras were sold, special sets were made for shooting and printing photographs, societies were created, books were published. In the sixties of the last century, efforts of enthusiasts in Western Europe are beginning to revive interest in photographing without lenses. The fascination captures an increasing number of photographers and in the seventies reaches the United States of America, where later, in the last decade of the twentieth century, comes to Russia.
All ingenious is simple. The photo is not a megapixel matrix and a superluminal optics. Photography is a feeling of life, a philosophy, a human soul. And to express feelings you do not need anything - just light.


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